Manan Morshed

Born in 1976, Manan Morshed received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999, from the Institute of Fine Arts (now, Faculty of Fine Arts), University of Dhaka. He started his career as a graphic artist simultaneously in different fields. Other than an artist, he also played a significant role(s) as a photographer, organizer, activist and entrepreneur. Manan Morshed worked as an artist at ‘The Daily Star’, the leading English daily newspaper, for 19 years (2001-2018) and experienced multidisciplinary participation, coordination, public relations and management of 'Celebrating Life' by The Daily Star, through the successive seasons Simultaneously, he provides art consultancy to’ Steps Towards Development’, a national NGO focused on human rights, since 2000. He founded ‘Arka Communications Limited’ in 2004, an advertisement firm, and playing a vital role as Chairman and Chief Creative. He had managed the three-day-long large-scale international event of 'South Asia Social Forum', simultaneously at 19 different venues in Dhaka University Campus, and many other social events. Between 2010-2017 Manan Morshed presented fine arts in an artistic manner while working as an Art Director at ‘Depart’, the art magazine. Since 2018, he founded Dwip Gallery, an art platform that seeks to promote modern and contemporary art by bringing into alignment the arts, curatorial practices and current knowledge on art and society.

Manan Morshed Artwork